joseph kori and judy wambui

New twist on Mary Wambui’s murder as investigations show that Joseph Kori wasn’t at the scene

The mysterious murder of the businesswoman Mary Wambui continues taking a complicated turn as detectives now find that her husband, Joseph Kori, was not present at the scene.

A detective who opened up to Nation stated that Mr. Kori was at Ngong on the material day. This information is based on his mobile phone record and car tracking device. It is said he was at Ngong till 9pm.

Furthermore, CCTV footage at Fourways indicate that in deed Mr.Kori’s car was not at the parking place.

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It is however reported that at 9pm, Mr. Kori called his parents in-law (parents to Mary Wambui) to inform them that their daughter was missing.

This new development contradicts statement written by Judy Wangui (Kori’s mistress) who had placed Mr. Kori right at the centre of the scene, furthermore, stating that Mr. Kori had offered her Ksh. 2 million to remain silent over the murder.

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Another arrest was made this week of the taxi driver believed to have transported the body of the late Mary Wambui and dumped it at a dam.



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