Ndindi Nyoro commits his April salary towards the fight against Covid19

Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro, has committed the whole of his April salary towards the fight of Covid19 in the country.

Speaking on Wednesday during the the launch of Kambirwa Assistant County Commissioner’s office , the youthful legislator vowed to dedicate 100 percent of is salary towards the fight of the deadly disease.

Nyoro also announced that all staffs attached to his office will take a 20 percent pay-cut.

Ndindi Nyoro with DP Ruto

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“We may not have a single case registered in Kiharu Constituency. However, people in the informal sector, such as boda boda operators and greengrocers, are experiencing the economic hardship wrought by the pandemic.”

“And, because we understand the financial problems the virus has subjected this group of people to, I will commit 100 percent of my April salary to the COVID-19 fight. Staff members attached to my office, including the CDF management, will take a 20 percent pay-cut,” said the legislator.

Ndindi Nyoro

The moves comes at a time when Kenyans are criticizing their political leaders of having selfish interest during this time. He joins speakers Justin Muturi (National Assembly) and Ken Lusaka (Senate) who have committed 30 percent pay-cut for the next three-months.


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