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Nakuru woman turns down President Kenyatta gifts

Damaris Wambui a Nakuru woman has turned down President Kenyatta house gift which she was promised in 2014.

Damaris Wambua’s son Dennis Ngaruiya left the head of state in stitches when he performed before the president during his visit in the region.

President Kenyatta promised to build the house for Ngaruiya but four yers later the family has turned down the gift terming it as substandard.

According to Nation Damaris Wambua said that the house she rejected was not what the president meant for her.

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“This is a big joke. Look at this house. It has cracks on the outside and looks like a semi-permanent house while President Kenyatta in his wisdom meant well for us as a family.Why is that officer at State House playing tricks on me and my son. One day President Kenyatta will know these tricks,” Kamau stated.

State House spokesperson Kanze Dena refuted claims by Damaris saying that the house is in good condition as it was promised by the president.

“From the information, I am gathering, the house was built and it is furnished but the lady claims the house was made of waste papers. I don’t understand what she meant by that.” She said.

She also said that the only thing missing from the house is cutlery and mattresses which will be fixed soon.

“What was agreed upon when the family met the President at State House has been delivered. What is missing is cutlery and mattresses which will be procured,” she told the publication.” She added.



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