Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika: details on her mishandling

There has been a viral social media video of Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika being roughed up and manhandled by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security guards.

It is reported that the incidence happened in Nakuru town as the President had gone to preside over the opening of county assembly office complex and later preside over Kenya Music Festival Gala.

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Word has it that instructions were that no MCA should be on the line to receive the President but County Governor, County Assembly Speaker and Nakuru West MP.

The security personnel then found Senator Kihika on the queue as well. The former County Assembly Speaker was then mistaken for being an MCA and hence things went south for her.

Senator Kihika was thumped on the face by a security man then a plain-clothed woman slapped her twice on the left cheeck and shoulder.

The Governor and Nakuru West MP had to intervene to get things back to normalcy.

However the Senator has denied that she was involved in the altercation.

Furthermore, she has denounced a Facebook post by a page having similar names to hers and that which has condemned the incidence. She has termed it as fake news. She however did not mention anything regarding the incidence.



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