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Nairobi County to pay guides more than nurses and teachers

Guiding visually impaired and those using wheelchairs at Nairobi County will soon be a more lucrative job than teaching or nursing within the county.

Nairobi county government is looking at making changes to its new pay structures where officers who are visually impaired or using wheelchairs will now be paid Kes 40,000 per month as guide allowance.

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Other allowances have also been beefed up. House allowances for officers job group N and P will be Kes 40,000 and 45,000 respectively. Any officer required to wear uniform will be paid Kes 30,000 per year as uniform allowance.

Officers traveling on duty and stay overnight from their duty station thus making their own accommodation allowance will be paid Kes 16,000 per night.

File image of Nurses on strike
File image of Nurses on strike [IMAGE/COURTESY]

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To ice it all, officers working outside the office hours, excluding the health practitioners, will take home between Kes 20,000 and Kes 25,000.

Only the Salaries and Renumeration Commission stands between the Nairobi County officials and their next bountiful pay cheque. It is believed that implementing this wages will shoot up the wage bill by Kes 1.6 billion.



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