Mysterious deaths at Mudavadi’s residency

In what could go on as one of the most mysterious deaths ever, sources have it that SIX members in Karen home of Hon. Musalia Mudavadi have died.

According to family members of the individuals who were working at Musalia Mudavadi’s Karen home, they believe that the information on the death of their loved ones is being hidden from both them and the public.

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At the moment, it is believed that Hon. Musalia Mudavadi is out of the country and maybe the reason as to why none of the family members has come out to speak on behalf of the family.

Information from sources has it that, the 6 died after boiling and drinking some herb which remains mysterious. They are said to have started feeling discomfort and all died at different intervals. There bodies have been moved to City Mortuary and Umash Funeral Home.

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Musalia Mudavadi has come out to admit to the death however, in his tweet he states that there are only 3 deaths.



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