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Musician Dudu Baya banned for mocking late media guru Ruge Mutahaba

Godfrey Tumaini, aka Dudu Baya, the controversial and violent Tanzanian rapper has found himself in bad books over his bad blood with the late Ruge Mutahaba, CEO and Co-Founder of Clouds Media.

His slur against Ruge Mutahaba put him on the wrong side with both netizens and the authorities as well.

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Dudu Baya didn’t have it easy as the online bashing by the people was followed by an arrest by the police.

To worsen things, BASATA (Baraza la Sanaa Taifa), the body that oversees entertainment industry in the country, deregistered him and condemned his behaviour.

Dudu Baya

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”BASATA, a body equipped with the mandate to oversee arts in the country has canceled the registration of musician Godfrey Tumaini aka Dudu Baya effective Thursday, February 28 2019… This move has been taken by BASATA following the arrest of the musician because of his negative comments on social media.” They stated.

This means that Dudu Baya is completely restricted from any performances.

His problems began when he took to social media and shared videos of him talking ill of the late Ruge.

In his words, he said that the late Ruge Mutahaba should not be celebrated since he stole from Tanzanian musicians and killed the dreams of many.



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