bahati and mr seed

Mr. Seed leaves Bahati’s EMB Records

Gospel singer Bahati has suffered another loss by the departure of one of the most talented singers, Mr. Seed, leaving his recording studio, Eastlands Most Blessed (EMB) Records.

Mr. Seed announces his departure from EMB Records

He stated that he is leaving EMB so as to create space for other young and upcoming artists within EMB to have the opportunity to spring up.

Furthermore, he also wants to nurture young artists on his own, hence the need to move out of EMB Records.

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Bahati took to the same platform to wish him the very best as he moves on.

“All the best brother. God bless you.” He wrote.

He also stated that he still remains good friends with Bahati and no one should peddle out rumours stating otherwise

This is the second big name artist to leave the record. The first having been Weezdom. Although he departed the recording studio about 2 years 3 months ago (a year after the launch of EMB Records)



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