MP Sankok under fire for allowing underage teenager drive his car

Nominated Member of Parliament (MP) David Ole Sankok has found himself on the wrong side of criticism as he allowed minors to drive his car in public road while on-board other passengers.

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The MP then recorded the clip of his 12 year old son driving the vehicle and posted it online.

The other dangerous bit is also that it was not only the son and himself in the vehicle, but also other passengers, something leading to the endangering of all their lives.

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Besides allowing his son to drive, he went further and allowed yet another under-age child to go ahead and drive the vehicle. He then gave justification that this was also a training to them and that they are competent drivers and that it is talent being nurtured regardless of the age.

Netizens were not kind to the lawmaker for violating the same laws he is meant to make and uphold



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