Mp Lesuuda drafts law to have interns paid

Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda has drafted a bill to compell employees to pay interns a monthly allowance.

The bill that was submitted to National Assembly on Tuesday, will see employees set a side a certain amount for interns.

According to the lawmaker interns should get a stipend to cater for their daily transport and food.

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“the state shall take measures including affirmative action, programmes that will ensure that the youth have access to inter-alia relevant education, training and employment”. Read the bill in part.

The move comes at a time when they have been a heated debate on social media on whether interns should be paid or not.

There are those of the opinion that Interns should not be paid as they are gaining experience from the institution while others says they should be paid for motivation and hard economic times in the country.


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