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Moses Kuria reveals why he is moving to DP Party

Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, has come out to explain why he is moving to Democratic Party (DP).

He says that he has been attracted to DP Party due to it’s legacy and economic development agenda.

“I decided to work with them, first because it has a lot of emphasis on economic agenda as influenced by Kibaki’s background. Second, out of all the indigenous parties from our region, it is the only one that remains. Ford Asili was sold to North Eastern people, PNU is no more, and TNA has since been swallowed by Jubilee,” the MP told Kameme FM.

Furthermore, he says that to fight the concept of many youths in Central region joining terrorism and extremist groups, its DP party that can address it.

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“We are very concerned that some of our youths are joining terror groups. DP will work towards reforming the youths and making sure they keep off drugs and other vices such as extremism,” he continued.

When asked whether he will resign officially from Jubilee Party, he left us all guessing.

“There is only one technicality preventing me from fully joining DP. That is because I am an MP elected on a Jubilee ticket and would have to resign. However, when the Lord speaks to me I will decide what to do. I am waiting for the holy spirit but for now they are my in-laws and we are strengthening the friendship,” he said.

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DP Party chairman had said last week that MP Moses Kuria was welcome in the party.



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