Wilkins Fadhili

More insight on Wilkins Fadhili by former partner Ruth Ambogo

It can’t get any worse for one man, Wilkins Fadhili. After the great expose on the ‘fake it till you make it’ life he has been living, one of his business partners, Ruth Ambogo, has let the cat out of the bag.

The lady took to tweeter to state all she knows from the encounter she had with This man, Wilkins Fadhili.

Ruth stated that Fadhili had no office to operate in as well as a permanent house to stay. According to Ruth, Mr. Wilkins Fadhili use to stay in the houses of the ladies he dated.

Ruth Ambogo on where Wilkins Fadhili lives

Ms. Ambogo also states how Mr. Fadhili has conned her Ksh 105,000 for office rent, an office project that never came to life.

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Wilkins Fadhili, as it emerges, had mastered the art of ‘name throwing’. He has been throwing in names of famous individuals claiming to have worked with them just to boost his stance in the society.

Wilkins Fadhili, being called up by President Kenyatta on winning Ksh 16.5 M

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It has even emerged that the said Ksh 16.5 million alleged to have been won was a scam. Ruth tweets that Wilkins Fadhili confessed having colluded with a media personality to write up that story.

Ruth Ambogo’s tweet on the Ksh 16.5 Million source

She says it is in Wilkin’s personality to always come out quick to apologize whenever his lies catch up with him.

In a tweet a few minutes ago, Wilkins has requested for a chance in a media house to explain himself

However, KOT are reading so much in this expose by Ruth Ambogo. Some believe that Ruth has been part of the skim by Wilkins Fadhili to defraud people, and it’s a story of them having fallen out.

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