More clue on Mildred Akinyi Odira’s death

After about a week of search, the body of Mildred Odira was found at the City Mortuary having suffered several injuries before her death.

Post-mortem is yet to be done on the body. Report has it that her body was registered at the City Mortuary by Kasarani traffic police on Tuesday 6:31 am as an unknown person.

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It is reported that her body had two wounds on the face and a crushed lower section. Furthermore, her trousers were torn at the top and her underwear partly lowered.

Mildren had fallen ill and was taken to hospital by a taxi. The taxi driver who has since been arrested states that he dropped her at the hospital (Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital) and left.

From the mortuary insider, it is said that the police who brought in the body found it at Mwiki



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