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More celebrities distance themselves from Wilkins Fadhili

More celebrities have come out to distance themselves from Wilkins Fadhili, the man behind brands.

One of his twitter followers stated that it doesn’t add up that Wilkins Fadhili claims to be a millionaire yet he struggles financially to keep his hub a float. She further stated that the guy once convinced his students to contribute money to pay for the hub’s internet.

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Beata Otieno of Ojwa Styling, partnered with him so they could rent space for their fashion business. However, she was conned and he ended up using the money, which has never been refunded.

Wilkins has wasted time for many students and gone missing with money of a lot others.

Wilkins Fadhili’s company have no official website and keeps using wix to post his content.

This morning, Larry Madowo took the bold step to point him out as a con and thereafter, more people stepped out to raise all that they have been sitting on regarding this guy.



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