Miguna Miguna reacts on Kenyans reaction against Mariga’s campaign

Lawyer Miguna Miguna, has accused Kenyans for double standards following the recent onslaught against Jubilee Candidate in Kibra byelection McDonald Mariga.

Taking to Twitter the exiled lawyer said majority of Kenyans are hypocrites for celebrating sportsmen when they are in service but turn against them when they seek elective posts.

” A lot of Kenyans on Twitter and Facebook are dishonest. When McDonald Mariga was playing International football, he was cheered as a “Kenyan hero” but the moment he expressed interest in the Kibra seat, he suddenly became a “foreigner.” They will do the same to #Kipchoge. ” He posted.

Miguna endorses Mariga

The self declared National Resistance Movement General seems to have endorsed the Mariga candidature. The tough taking lawyer said that playing football is more challenging compared to Kenyan politics.

“Playing international football is more challenging than doing politics in Kenya which only requires the ability to loot, steal elections and commit murder. Any crook or hardened criminal can “achieve” that. We must transform the Kenyan society and INJECT HONESTY into politics.” He added.


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