Men here are signs that she is fed up with you

Getting a new girlfriend and building the relationship is so sweet. You don’t have to wait until your girlfriend is fed up with the relationship and she has no interest  with you at all in order to make next move.

There are a few issues when you see in a relationship you have to fix fast or else the world of loneliness will get hold of you . 

The best thing about ladies is that they don’t know to hide emotions when they get mad or no longer interested with. 

 Here are signs that she is tired and no longer interested with you. 

1. She communicates less. 

When a girl is fed up with you, she will cut off the communication. It’s there nature when bored to contact their friends for advice. When your girlfriend reduces you to a second opinion you have to change how you handle her. 

2. Less physical contact 

When she is reluctant to hug you either in public or private just know that he is getting tired of you. They were times when she was playing with your body and suddenly she changes and she cannot kiss or have sex with you.

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 3. She doesn’t see a future with you.

The funny thing about relationship is when you plan for your unborn babies, wedding, savings among others but when a girl stop talking about all these and only see you wasting her time then she must be fed up with you.

 4. She is not concerned with your look

When your girl stops complementing you and she does not care how you dress when you get into public then she is almost done with you. Most girls will keep a check on your dress code so that you may not embarrass them in front of there friends. 



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