Meet Nandi sisters eating soap as snack

Nandi Sisters Sharon Chepchirchir Lydia Chepkemboi from Kibochi Village, have surprised many after KTN TV disclosed their habit of eating soaps.

Speaking to KTN News Chepchirchir disclosed that she has been eating soap for the last 19 years. She says the weird behavior started when she was at the of five years.

“My younger sister lived with my aunt and we rarely met. One day, I noticed she had a bar of soap in her pocket. I asked what she was doing with it and she said she eats soap. This brought us closer because we borrow soap from one another,” said Chepchirchir.

She noted that at time she is forced to chew gums when going to meet friends to avoid stigmatization.

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“When I eat soap and go meet with friends, they sense the smell of soap and get curious, so I leave those types of groups. At times I buy chewing gum to try and hide the smell but it doesn’t go away,” she added.

Chepkemboi, told KTN that she has tried hard to quit the habit but in vain. She noted that only a few of her friends knows about the soap eating habit.

“I am also shocked that I eat soap. I have worked hard to hide the habit but some of my friends know about it. They say I am not normal. I want to stop but I just can’t,” says Chepkemboi.

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However the two sisters attributed the habit to a family curse following rumors that their grandmother was denied food leading her to start eating soap.

“I don’t know if we are cursed or not but I was told by my granddad that our grandmother was tortured with hunger a long time ago, leading her to start eating soap,” added Chepchirchir.


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