Maureen Waititu explains struggles after quitting job

Maureen Waititu a Social Media Influencer and YouTuber has opened up about the struggles she faced after quitting her job.

Waititu a Lawyer by profession made a tough decision to quit her job to look after her young family.

Waititu new job

Speaking in her YouTube Channel, she said she left her job in debt and she wasn’t sure of what to do next in her life.

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“But I quit in debt, in a place of i didn’t know what I was gonna do next. Unfortunately, a mother’s life revolves around constant worry.”

She noted that quitting her job was the best decision in her life and she has no regrets at all.

“I haven’t tasted the fruits of influencing but its better than working in office. I quit my job three months after giving birth. So far it was the best decision I made.” She said.



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