Makadara woman asks court to jail son

Rachel Malusi a resident of Mbotela estate, Makadara, Nairobi County has left many people shocked after asking a Makadara court to sentence her son.

Ms. Malusi appearing before principal magistrate Eunice Suter as a witness in a case between her two children Felix Kivoo the accused and Rose Mwende complainant asked the Court to put Kivoo behind bars as his behavior was intolerable.

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She told the court that she was present when Kivoo assaulted his sister, she pleaded with the magistrate to allow the law to take its course as the son is capable of doing something worse.

“I was there when he committed the assault offense and I see him doing something bigger. I beg the court to investigate him and do what it can,” she said.

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Kivoo was charged with unlawfully and intentionally assaulting his sister Rose Mwende at her mother’s home on February 7.



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