Locust invasion is a sign God is not happy with us-Jackson Ole Sapit

ACK archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit on Sunday said Kenyans need to repent and turn back to God after the locust invasion in the country.

Speaking at St Thomas ACK Cathedral Kerugoya,  Ole Sapit said that since the times in the bible locust invasion was a sign of God displeasure with His people.

“I ask everyone of us to repent and go back to God as locust invasion is a clearer sign that God is not happy with us,” he pointed out.

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Government has been fighting the deadly desert locust but it seems their effort is not bearing no fruits as eleven counties has been affected so far.

Ole Sapit joins Rick Wiles, an American pastor at Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida who stated that the locusts menace in Kenya was God’s punishment.

“I had sent well-drilling rigs to Kenya where they are dying of thirst and I was trying to dig wells to give water to them. At the port of Mombasa, I was told I had to pay a Ksh8 million charity tax, it was sad,” he stated.

Locust in Kenya



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