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Linus Kaikai tears into Prophet Owuor

Royal Media Services (RMS) director of Strategy and Innovation, Linus Kaikai, in his kicker at News Gang program took Prophet Owuor and like minded by the horn and tore them apart.

Mr.Kaikai said that it is a high time for the religious organizations (churches) to be regulated. Furthermore, he argued that the men in cloths should be held accountable to other authorities besides God.

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His argument is not in vain but he was drawing it from what has been experienced in the recent weeks from the ‘drama’ that followed men in clothes. We have heard a damning allegation of Prophet Owuor that he milked money from one of a wealthy woman at her church and ended up staying in her high end house while benefitting from rents paid at her real estate rental apartments.

Linus Kaikai on the far righ [IMAGE/COURTESY]

Linus Kaika also compared to the South African pastor Lukau who stage managed the resurrecting one of his followers.

As if that wasn’t enough, he threw in the example of owner of Ekeza Sacco (David Ngari commonly known as Gakuyo), also a pastor, who is also alleged to have walked away with billions of the sacco members.

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Mr. Kaikai thus called for the need to hold the pastors accountable. To regulate the churches. He compared to Rwanda where a clean up of churches was done that led to closure of over 6000 churches that did not meet the set standards. Among their requirements is a degree in Theology.

In Kenya, the closest this came to was in 2016 when the then Attorney General, Githu Muigai, called for regulation of churches by demanding certificate of good conduct and theology degree from each pastor before being license.



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