lilian muli and jared nevaton

Lilian Muli hints at reconciling with ‘community husband’

Citizen TV princess Lilian Muli has hinted at having hushed out issues with her ‘community husband’ and father to her second born child.

Its just a few months ago when she took to her Instagram account to denounce her relationship with Jared Nevaton, by calling him a community husband.

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On Sunday, 10th February, she took to her Instagram account again sharing a picture of two wine glasses and a bottle of whine with the caption ‘Me small things like champagne excite me and bae thinks I’m worth toasting to so Mengine baadaye😝😝😝’.

It is believed that the two resorted to co-parent. The TV queen has declared she is seeing someone, its just a matter of time before we find out who exactly it is.

A few of her social media funs took to opportunity to give her a ‘word’ or two:

naisiaeflo Sorry to say but Lillian you need to grow up ,,next time keep your Bedroom/relationships to yourself or share with your close friends..😂it’s shocking how we embrace shame on social media🤣🤣,today he is a community husband tomorrow he is bae.🤣forgiveness is key though.

sonudevji Sweety you have seen how hard life is hustling🥵!!! Smart move to get him back before he’s officially somebody elses 🥳🤪

seanbetsy @naisiaeflo her bae is almost 50 & her 35 are the ones in 20-30 years supposed to behave when in love?? Anatafuta bwana not kids a hubby who is long lasting..It happiness is bought by expensive champagne just money huyo mwanaume amedivorce 2 women..Now Lilian thinks she got all SHE SHOUL GROW UP

mcbrighton90 See two glasses,that was quick!

geolay_otieno Lilian you’re such a disgrace and a bad example to young girls if you can show u r so cheap to forgive a cheating spouse by accepting a bottle of champagne.

shishnyeks Has our community hubby changed?

lilie_williams Lilian Muli you’re so full of drama

naisiaeflo @seanbetsy you are very right husband is back to community wife ,,,😂,Incase they part ways again I wonder what she will call him 😂this time …🍾



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