Larry Madowo attacked by Americans over his comment on El Paso shooting

Former BBC reporter Larry Madowo was under attack from Americans over El Paso massive shooting reaction.

Larry who jetted in the USA few days ago to further his education was on Sunday a man under siege.

Larry through his Twitter account shared his experience at the state something that did not go down well with the natives.

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“I went to sleep on news of a mass shooting in El Paso. I woke up to news of a mass shooting in Dayton. This is only my first weekend living in these United States!” posted Larry.

The netizens who were angered by Larry tweet, said the journalist should get back to his country if he thought America was unsafe.

“You are a newcomer to America and you publicly say America is not safe despite the hell hole you are from. Get lost moron! Go home!” John Siebert tweeted.

The Kenyan journalist in a response he tweeted “I have received a warm welcome, evidently.

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The shooting incident claimed 20 lives at a Walmart in El Paso and 9 lives at Dayton, Ohio.
Larry Madowo recently left the BBC to study at the prestigious Columbia University in New York on a journalism fellowship



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