Bungoma County

Landlady in Bungoma kills tenant over Sh 500 rent arrears

A landlady in Mpeli Village in Chwele,Bungoma County is accused of killing her tenant over KSh 500 rent arrears.

Loice Kasembeli alias Mama Kelele together with her husband are accused of killing their tenant after the body of the deceased was found in their house.

According to neighbors they had not seen the deceased for sometime something that prompted them into Mama Kelele house where they found the body of the missing person.

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Robert Wangila a neighbour said that they had questioned the landlady where the deceased was but she rudely responded that he is in detention cell for rent defaulter.

“We had earlier confronted Ms Kasembeli and asked her where our [now-deceased] neighbour was. She declined to respond directly, only saying she has a detention cell, in which she throws rent defaulters. Early today [Wednesday], we stormed her house and found the man’s lifeless body in one of the rooms,” said Mr Wangila.

The deceased had visible neck injuries; and he was hanging from an improvised rope made out of a leso that was tied to the roof.


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