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Kilimani police looking for daring burglar dubbed ‘Spiderman’

The police are conducting a man hunt for a burglar who has been giving residents of Kilimani estate sleepless nights.

It is believed that the burglar doesn’t use violent means in stealing but rather, works his way into the house unknown and walks away with valuables.

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The burglar, who has been dubbed ‘Spiderman’ due to his skills, is said to be good at scaling walls and fences so as to access buildings he wants to steal from.

The burglar caught on camera [IMAGE/COURTESY]

Kilimani OCPD Michael Muchiri assured residents patrols have been bolstered to get hold of the man.

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“Yes indeed we are focusing on a gentleman described as spiderman. Slightly built, wears sport shoes, always in a jacket and a ransack. It’s going to be a matter of time before we catch up with this young man,” he told Citizen TV.

There are also fears that the security guards in the various apartments have been helping the burglar in running his theft business.


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