Kibaki’s grandson hard tackle to Miguna Miguna

Former President Mwai Kibaki’s grandson, Sean Andrew on Monday came to the defense of his grandfather after exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna attacked his dress code.

Miguna Miguna through his Twitter handle accused the former head of state handlers for dressing him in indecent pairs of shoes. According to Miguna the shoes made him look bad in public.

Former President Mwai Kibaki

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“Kenyans pay retired presidents who have looted billions like Mwai Kibaki millions annually; hire dozens of servants including drivers, cooks and bodyguards; and even built mansions with complete fuel stations, yet no one could dress up Kibaki with decent pairs of shoes today?” Miguna tweeted.

Sean in retaliation shared a photo of Miguna dressed on red slippers on his flight to Canada during his deportation.

Lemme just leave this here so we don’t forget ,” shared Sean Andrew.

Kibaki’s shoes are said to be orthopaedic shoes specially designed to offer medical benefits not available in regular footwear something the lawyer has refused to agree with.


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