miss cashy

Khaligraph Jones’ ex-girlfriend exposes the rapper

Miss Cashy, the ex to Khaligraph Jones has kept her words to reveal why she had to let it go with Kenyan best rapper.

Few days ago Miss Cashy had promised to share with the public news of her ex lover. Who she said was abusive to her and even conned her financially.

Cashy took to her social media to expose the celebrated rapper. She refuted claims that she was cheating in the relationship and was into sponsorship. She termed as pure gossip.

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” I didn’t do any of those extra things that you her gossip about. I was not the one with the million sides and sponsors,” she posted.


Cashy also said that her priorities at now is her family,education and work.

She said that she will expose how her bully exboyfriend discouraged her from going back to school and work.

“Later I’ll talk about how I was constantly discouragefrom studying and working. And why that is a poor decision from any girl to make.” She added.



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