Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenyans troll President Kenyatta

Kenyans on Twitter on Wednesday trolled President Uhuru Kenyatta over his remarks on nurses strike.

President Kenyatta together with the Council of Governors had a press briefing to address the looming nurses strike that is set to affect some counties.

He warned that stun action will be taken against nurses who will not report to wok on Friday. He also added that nurses must respect court order that has illegalised their strike.has He said that no one is above the law and court orders must be respected. 

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The president sentiments did not go well with the netizens who accused the president of double standard. A section of those who commented said that nurses had copied from his administration to ignore court orders. 

The illegal deportation of self declared National Resistance Movement General Miguna Miguna was hugely referred. 

Bravin posted  When You are the Head the Others follow your footsteps. The president And his Minions have been disobeying multiple court orders. Let them bring Miguna to Kenya first.

 Cyprian said What happened with the court order to produce miguna in court & give back his kenyan passport… Seems in Kenya there are two set of laws. For ordinary citizens & the like of president handsmen… Sickening

James Sikuku said They are simply following the foot step of the govt. The govt did first with #migunamiguna case.



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