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Kenyans react over Octopizzo link to Strathmore’s student death

Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga, alias Octopizzo has been on the receiving end from Kenyan on Twitter for being linked to death of a 19 year old Strathmore University student, Kenneth Abom.

It’s alleged that Octopizzo was running after Abom with a machete which prompted the Strathmore student to jump from the fourth floor of the building for his safety. He later succumbed to injuries at Kenyattta National Hospital where he was rushed to seek medication.

KOT were of different opinion over the incident. There are those who support “Number nane” hitmaker questioning why Abom broke into the house while those of a contra opinion said that it was inappropriate for Octo to use a machete.

Teret said that Octopizzo is a THUG masquerading as a musician. The police should’ve Arrested him yesterday and let him rot in jail. You can’t murder young kid and walk freely. Justice must prevail.

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KILIMANI MUMS & dads said Octopizzo should be in custody as we speak, the case has got witnesses… Let him argue from court not from his house. Octo says the boy picked his stuffs and left, that means the boy did not break into Octo’s house!!

Collins Omondi tweeted Why did the victim break into @OCTOPIZZO house in the first place? This is a celeb and if he finds someone trespassing into his house definitely he will react. Breaking into people’s houses is a crime and to me @OCTOPIZZO was just being rational. Na ikue funzo kwa stalkers



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