Kenyan government must protect agricultural land

Kenya was once the backbone of agricultural produce in East Africa is now basking in the glory of its success.

Kenya is steadily losing its pride as the giants of agricultural produce to Tanzania and Uganda. In the recent past, Kenya has failed to produce enough food to sustain its population. Thus over-reliance on imported food.

Kenya food report

According to the Kenya Food Security Steering Group (KFSSG) report, approximately 1.3 million people in Kenya faced worse levels of acute food insecurity in 2020.

This can be attributed to change in weather pattern, locusts invasion, high cost of fertilizers among other factors.

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Legislature opinion

However, Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina is of a different opinion on why Kenya is struggling to match its neighbors in food production.

Ole Kina believes subdivision of land is the main reason why we have an acute food shortage in the country. A bigger section of agricultural land has been divided for commercial and residential purposes.

The first time legislator has been advocating for the Maa community’s land not to be subjected to the subdivision. He believes this way hi community will be in a position to produce enough food produce.

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“On matters of food security, what will our people eat if you take our land. They must remain as agricultural land, use legitimate process if you want to subdivide them,” Olekina said.

During the December holiday, I noticed land had been subdivided to the smallest unit possible and sold to the willing buyer. Most families can no longer depend on food from their farmers.

The government should move with speed and enact laws that will protect agricultural land.



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