Kenyan conservationist scopes an international award in UK

Kenyan conservationist Abdullahi Hussein Ali, was feted with prestigious Whitley Award, for his effort to protect endangered hirola antelope.

Ali was nominated along side  six other conservationists to battle it out for the most coveted conservation award. He walked away with KSh5.3 million that will help to procreate and save the rare species of antelope.

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The conservationist was recognized for his achievement in protecting the almost extincted antelopes. Ali runs Hirola Conservation Programme in the Northern Kenya with the aim of safeguarding the antelopes.

The total number of hirola antelopes stands at less than 500 thus the need to be protected or they will disappear.

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Ali and his team now run an anti-poaching programme to help protect them so they, in turn, can protect the habitat – allowing the hirola to thrive.



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