Ayub Ogada

Kenya mourns legendary Ayub Ogada

Kenyas have continued to mourn the legendary Luo singer John Seda popularly known as Ayub Ogada.

The “Koth Biro” hitmaker died on Fecruary 2, 2018 in his rural home in Nyahera,Kisumu County.

Ayub who was also an actor is the man behind Nyatiti an eight string musical instrument that was recognized globally. He was a member of the Psychedelic Rock Band that was vibrant in the 1970s.

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Kenyan artists and his fans who were shocked by the news of his demise, mourned Ayub as a great warrior.

Suzzana Owiyo said that Ayub Ogada,respect Wuod Luo! You are the reason I picked up Nyatiti. Thank you for sharing this fantastic 8 strings instrument with the world. I celebrate you! Rest in Power

Creative Ambassadors posted Rest in Peace Ayub Ogada. I hope younger Kenyan musicians will google your name and realise that you and African Heritage Band are the reason they exist today. Such a sad season#RipAyubOgada

Patricia Kihoro had this to say Once, when I was a more fearless artist, I got to jam with Ayub Ogada. What we shared then, several artists being open, vulnerable and free has always stuck with me. He spoke strongly about his energy, about trusting his gut and his instinct and I never forgot that. Thank you.



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