Kenya is losing millions of LGBT discrimination

A report by coalition for global businesses states that Kenya is losing over Kes 100 billion annually over the discrimination of the minorities, Lesbians Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) in the country.

This also tags that we are missing out on tourism earnings, employment opportunities and proper health cover over the LGBT.

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“A lot of the conversations on LGBT inclusion across the world are based on people’s perceptions, rather than facts. This report aims to provide a fact-based argument that LGBT inclusion is not just good for the LGBT community, but for the economy – and that means for every single citizen in the country,” Yvonne Muthoni, Programme director at Open For Business – Kenya, told Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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In most parts of Africa, the sexual orientation of the LGBT is considered a big taboo. Thus members of those communities find it extremely hard to get jobs, education, medical care, et al.

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On the tourism end, the report stated Kenya is missing on USD 140 million annually as LGBT tourists opt not to visit Kenya due to the homophobic views.

Human rights groups have vowed to use this report to urge the government to be all inclusive so as to grow the economy



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