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Ken Mijungu at war with baby mama

NTV journalist Ken Mijungu has been put under the spot by his baby mama.

According to the baby mama (known as Lina Lynn), Ken Mijungu together with his wife, beat her up on Friday 1st March at Jabali Christian School as she had visited to see her daughter in school.

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Lina said that Ken Mijungu and his wife assaulted her at the daughter’s school and was helped by the school’s staff members to take the daughter away.

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According to Mijungu, Lina abandoned the daughter at her mother’s place for four months. However, Lina has a different view of the same as she shared on her Facebook account.

Mijungu says that he did not ‘steal’ his own daughter but rather was forced to take her away after learning of her suffering.

According to Mijungu, Lina has been using the daughter to milk money of him by even claiming that she is sick and needs money for medication yet she isn’t. On the other hand, Lina denied the same through her post.

Mijungu stated that, ”She used to tell her friends I do not do anything yet I was the one doing nearly everything for her for the three years we’ve known each other. Some of her friends used to insult me over that, so I told her I will fold my hands and let the friends help her.”

Mr. Mijungu said that he has no bad blood with Lina, and at the moment he will stay with the daughter as the court had given him custody over her as the case continues.



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