KDF withdraw from Somalia

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) have reportedly withdrawn from their military base in Somalia.

It is reported that Somalia leaders are worried of that decision as they fear it will leave their country exposed to the al-Shabaab once again.

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According to the Daily Nation, the last troop of the KDF was seen moving out on Tuesday after dismantled their military base. The command centre for the KDF was at Busar which no longer exists.


It is not yet clear what led to the decision to withdraw the KDF bearing in mind that in the past, Jubilee government had been against withdrawing our military.

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It is just a month on since a military spat between Kenya and Somalia regarding oil and gas blocs at the maritime land erupted, and many will be forgiven to believe that withdrawal of the KDF could be in line with that spat.

Kenya was offended on realizing that Somalia had sold its oil and gas blocs within the shared maritime land of Indian Ocean to United Kingdom. A move that forced Kenya to kick out Somalia’s ambassador and recall the Kenyan one.


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