Kamene Goro takes a jibe at Edgar Obare after her ‘Pekejeng’ rumors

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro has trolled YouTuber Edgar Obare for what she termed misusing Social Media.

Speaking on Wednesday during her breakfast show, the radio queen said that people were no longer human but driven by social media likes.

Kamene who was reacting to allegation by Edgar Obare that they had an intimacy affair with her colleague Andrew Kibe.

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Edgar Obare on his Instagram stories shared a screenshort purported to be from his fan request to investigate if Kamene and Kibe were making out. The fan alleged that he saw the radio host kissing while in traffick.

Kamene Goro and Edgar Obare

The former NRG Radio presenter challenged the YouTuber to have life, since he was going overboard looking for likes.

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“The humanity is gone everything has become about social media and the likes and personally I just want to live in a world where I’m just human. Just Michelle Kamene Goro who wakes up in the morning comes and does my job best way I know how and go home,”

“Success please bro. wherever you are I want you to tap yourself on the shoulder coz this is as far as its going to get… for likes? What have you become. Just look at yourself for hot quick minute. How far are really gonna go for the likes? Ona kama itakusaidia,” said Kamene Goro.

Edgar Obare


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