Kabi WaJesus accused of siring a baby with his cousin

Kabi WaJesus a gospel YouTuber has been the talk of the town after he was exposed for being a deadbeat dad for her daughter who he sired seven years ago.

Ruth Wahu a USA-based lady who claims to be the cousin of WaJesus baby mama united over 15 thousand Kenyans on Edgar Obare Instagram live. Wahu made a shocking revelation on the relationship between Kabi and his alleged baby mama.

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Wahu confirmed to Edgar Obare that WaJesus and the Shiko who is the baby mama are blood cousins. Wahu who didn’t want to expound more on the cousin issue said shit happens in life and people shouldn’t be judgemental.

Wahu stated that Shiko and Kabi used to stay together in Zimmerman, but Kabi walked out when he realized the then-girlfriend was pregnant.

Wahu claims the cousin is soft-spoken to face the public but what they want from Kabi is to take care of his child who is 7 years old.

A High Court in Siaya in 2016 ruled out that sex between cousins is not incest. Though Kabi and wife Milly WaJesus have come out to refute claims that they have a child out of wedlock.



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