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Judge Mohamed Ibrahim’s guard withdraws ‘gun threat’ case

Supreme court judge Mohamed Ibrahim’s security guard has withdrawn a case he had filed against the judge on Thursday 21st March.

Judge Mohamed Ibrahim had been accused of threatening to shoot security guard Ronald Ayiele.

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Mr. Ayiele has withdrawn the complaint stating that the judge has since apologized for his actions.

Ronald Ayiele, who is a supervisor with Pan Security Guards got himself in the above situation when he went to the judge to inform him that the security company had decided to change his guards. It is then that the guard alleges that Judge Mohamed Ibrahim threatened to shoot him.

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The judge on his end had denied the accusations stating that he even doesn’t own a firearm. On his end, the judge stated that he had issues with Mr. Ayiele for letting in strangers into his compound.

Yesterday, Judge Ibrahim was at Spring Valley police station to narrate of his side of the story.

It is said that the judge told the police that he doesn’t own any gun. And that he was reaching over for his phone in his pocket when the security guard assumed that he was getting to a gun and opted to take off.

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It is said that the two parties reconciled and hence the case withdrawn.


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