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Joseph Kori’s tribute to slain wife, Mary Wambui

Mweiga, Nyeri county was the venue where friends and relatives gathered to pay their last respect to the late Mary Wambui.

Among those present was Joseph Kori, the husband to the late, who occasionally was overwhelmed by tears as the burial ceremony continued.

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Mary Wambui laid to rest
Mary Wambui laid to rest [IMAGE/COURTESY]

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“My love Mary. It is difficult to accept that you are gone. When we got into a marriage union 11 years ago I never thought I would find an opportunity to bid you goodbye, especially when you were snatched from me so suddenly and shockingly at the prime of your life,” Kori read in his speech.

Further, he touched on the two sons he has been left with by stating to offer them unconditional love and to raise them accordingly.

“You are irreplaceable. With your departure I feel a part of me has been taken away. Your charm, jovial mood and readiness to assist everyone will always be remembered. I want to assure you of my undivided and unconditional love to our sons.”

It should be noted that Joseph Kori had at first been accused of having colluded with his secret lover, Judy Wangui, to kill his wife of 11-years and mother to their two sons, Mary Wangui. However, upon further investigations, the the police didn’t find Mr. Kori involved in anyway and thus was released.

On the other hand, Joseph Kori’s secret lover, Judy Wangui, is still in police custody over the same murder case of Mary Wambui.



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