Jalang’o narrates how his car saved Mercy Masika from the Dusit attack.

Milele FM radio presenter Felix Oduor alias Jalang’o car helped gospel singer Mercy Masika from being at the scene of the Tuesday Dusit terror attack.

Jalang’o who was in a business meeting with the “Mwema” hit maker in Nairobi CBD after which Mercy was to attend a salon interview at Dusit at 3:30 pm the same time the building was attacked.

The celebrated comedian shared his conversation with Mercy that shows mercy had a salon appointment at the Riverside based building. 

“Your car blocked us yesterday while I was going to my salon at Dusit for my 3:30 pm appointment. God used your car to delay us,” she wrote to Jalang’o.

“So @mercymasikamuguro and I are involved in an upcoming consumer promotion and so we were invited for a meeting at the client office… I was in another meeting so I get to client meeting after Mercy!” posted Jalang’o.

 He explained that the parking lot was full which forced him to double park his car hence blocking Mercy’s car which delayed her in the city central business district. 

“Driving in, the client parking is full so I am forced to double park blocking other cars! I walk into the meeting and client has finished briefing Mercy and she is in a hurry for her saloon appointment She hurriedly leaves only to find her car blocked so they call me to move my car but I give out my car key so there is a bit of delay!” he recounted.

He goes on to recall that, “When she (Mercy Masika) leaves not more than 20 mins later news of the attack at Dusit where she was going for her appointment quickly spread! Waaaaa! When she shared the message I just thanked God! #GodAboveEverything.”

 According to Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet the attackers at Dusit were shot dead and 21 people killed while several others were injured.



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