Haji Farajvand

Iranian ambassador linked with plot to free terror suspects

Iranian ambassador to Kenya, Haji Farajvand, is caught up in an alleged botched plot to free two terror suspects from police custody in Nairobi.

DPP Noordin Hadji on confirming the same stated: “This is unacceptable and a clear attempt to subvert the course of justice and the rule of law. I intend to notify the Supreme Court about the latest developments because the two are now a flight risk.”

It is said that the ambassador sought services from two fraudsters (Wesley Kiptanui Kipkemoi and Mr Shemgrant Agyei) who presented themselves as senior government officials to try and circumvent justice and secure release of Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammed and Sayed Mansour Mousavi (two Iranians sentenced to life in prison in 2013) who are in police custody.

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In 2012, two Iranians were arrested on grounds of planning a terror attack. They were in possession of lethal explosives, RDX.

Sayed Mansour Mousavi (L) and Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammed
Sayed Mansour Mousavi (L) and Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammed. Sentenced to life in prison on 06th May 2013.
Source: Nation Newspaper

They were then sentenced to life in prison. But after an appeal at the High Court, it was reduced to 15 year sentence. The case then moved to Supreme Court where it was quashed away and they were set free. However, DPP Noordin Hadji appealed at the Supreme Court.

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The Supreme Court thus allowed the police to detain them till the appeal is heard and determined. It is at this point that the Iranian envoy looked for ways to go round the justice system but ended up in hands of fraudsters (Wesley Kiptanui Kipkemoi and Mr Shemgrant Agyei).

The two fraudsters were arrested on Friday for their involvement in this plan, and it is believed they have conned the Iranian ambassador sums of unknown amounts.

Head of Anti Terrorism Police Unit Munga Nyale describes the suspects as “high-profile operatives in their country and that is why there could be efforts to secure their release by all means”.

It is believed that the Iranian ambassador was so confident of success that he even bought two air tickets for the two Iranians in custody. Other sources have it that he has been contacting top government officials to try have the two Iranian released.

Source: Nation



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