Intersex Kenyan pastor

Meet Intersex Kenyan pastor spreading the gospel in Nyanza

Intersex Kenyan pastor spreading the gospel in Nyanza

Apostle Darlan Rukih Moses is an intersex pastor who has been preaching the word of God and advocating for the rights of intersex persons in Luo Nyanza.

Apostle Rukih was born at a time when there was little knowledge about intersex persons and it was considered taboo. Children who were born with both male and female organs were killed during this time.

Man of the cloth was protected by his mother from villagers who were baying for his blood. However, his mother was not able to protect him from stigmatization from his peers. They could make funny jokes about him.

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“During the time I was trying to play with my fellow children, they were saying that you are an abomination, you are not a human being,” recalls Apostle Rukih.

First Intersex Kenyan pastor

Apostle Rukih ministers at the Christian Mission Church, He opened up about his gender to his congregation in 2012 something that sat well with the congregation. They said they knew he was an intersex but they were waiting for him to confirm.

The biggest challenge he faced during his childhood was being raised near the lake. He couldn’t hide his manhood since they bathed in the lake. He was mocked and even threatened to be raped.

“As children who are born near the lake, we were going to bathe together. Always they were threatening me and teasing me, some people wanted to strip me and others to rape me.” He narrated.

Apostle Rukih said that during his adolescence he experienced menstruation period and breast growth. He also attempted murder after being rejected by his father.

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An intersex is a person born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the boxes of “female” or “male. Kenya made history by becoming the first country in Africa to include intersex people in the 2019 national census.



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