I was sexually assaulted thrice-Mama Plesdent Kingston(Video)

Kenyan comedian Brenda Gathoni popularly known as Brenda Jons or Mama Plesdent Kingston has opened up on how she was sexually assulted while growing up.

Brenda Jons speaking during an interview on Upclose on K24 TV disclosed that she was raped three times by close relatives and even a church pastor.

The renowned comedian revealed that she is a daughter of a single mother but she was raised by her grandmother since her biological mother was abroad.

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Mama Plesdent Kingston narrates that she was raped twice before she attained the age of 12 but she never disclosed the unfortunate incidence to anyone. She said the perpetrators threatened to kill her.

Mama Plesdent Kingston

Mama Plesdent Kingston

“I have been a rape victim before. The first time it happened I was five and he would do it continually. That’s an uncle of mine. He was my mother’s cousin.

“When I was 12, my aunt’s husband, that’s my mother’s brother-in-law, raped me. This time it was a bit violent because he stuffed socks into my mouth,” Said Mama Plesdent Kingston

When she thought it was over, ” a man of god” was at it again. She was raped by a pastor when she was a first year in college.

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When people were leaving, he asked me to remain behind to talk about the Bible. Before I knew it, it was midnight and he was all over me. I didn’t even fight him.

“The following day he gave me Ksh 200 to buy emergency pills to prevent any looming pregnancy. He insisted that he did not want his name tarnished. I think I was in my first year in campus,” she emotionally recalled.

However, the comedian stated that the ordeal made her stronger as she now uses her experience to help other rape victims overcome trauma.

Here is the video:


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