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I had 3 abortions in my 5 pregnancies- woman confess

Wilter Chemutai has shocked many in her bold and emotional confession about her experience with abortion.

Speaking to Switch’s TV Tamima Ibrahim on Real Talk, Chemutai narrated how she procured abortion three abortions in five pregnancies at the age of 25.

Audience in the room seemed not to pay attention to her beauty, rather to the words hidden behind her smile. Chemutai narrates to have conducted her first abortion while in third year back in campus.

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This came after she had two children and she couldn’t stand the shame of being pregnant six months after giving back to her second born.

“With a six month baby and you are in campus and you already have another one. So it was so crazy and at that moment I was so hurt.” She remembered.

She explains that she got pregnant despite taking family planning pills. Chemutai recalls harsh side effects of abortion like excessive bleeding.

At the age of 22 Chemutai was unfortunate to be pregnant again. This time she had lost her job and in abusive relationship so she opted to terminate the pregnancy.

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Six months later she was pregnant again for baby number five and she taught again of abortion. But after going through counselling she chose to keep the baby.

Chemutai says she regrets having the abortion and her advise to ladies is never to choose abortion

“You can never choose abortion. it breaks you, there is anger and depression. ” She adds.



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