Toxic love

How to end a toxic relationship

Parental love is the only true love that exists. After a baby is born the mother will fall in love with it as the relationship grows stronger each day.

It reaches appoint in life where we drop mother’s love and try to build a different relationships that we hope it will lead to marriage.

These relationships might make it or fail terrible depending on couples.

A toxic relationship can be described as a messy one which may include being abused, deprived from sex, ignored, subjected to reckless spending among others.

Toxic relationship is not your portion and it comes a time where you have to end the relationship.

Here are few tips to end a toxic relationship ;

1. Know your value

You have to access yourself in order to understand the value a relationship adds to your life. If it’s derailing your energy then it’s high time you have to quit.

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2. Step out of denial

Failing to accept whom we are has kept many people in a toxic relationship. We must step out of the fear of living without people who came into our lives for a short period. Once you overcome the fear nothing will hold you back in such a relationship.

3. Stop all possible contact.

Cut communication with your partner; avoid any phone calls or texts and if you live in the same estate you can avoid places you are sure you will bumble into each other.


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