How to answer how much should I pay you

Most Kenyans are either looking for their first job or new jobs and they are important questions you must research before an interview.

How much should we pay you is one of the questions that come during the interview and most candidates dread the money question.

It is important to prepare yourself to answer as it is almost guaranteed that this will be asked in any interview.

Here are tips to answer this question.

1. Do background check on the company

Research on how much the organization pays its employees on the position you are being interviewed for. There are websites that offers salary averages and estimates for different company which can offer you more information. They include,,, and Indeed.

2. Offer a range

In this case don’t be certain about the amount instead offer them a range. Example between Ksh 65,000- 75000. The lowest range should be the minimum amount you expect. In case the recruiter settles for the lowest amount you will be comfortable. 

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3. Bargaining using the Market Rate

Depending on your profession you must be able to tell the market rate of the job you are being interviewed for. This will help you to give almost an accurate figure. It always advised to end with a question to give the interview chance to reply.


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