recce squad

How Recce squad trapped the terrorists

It took 14 commandos from the Elite group to bring down the terrorist who had taken Dusit D2 complex under siege.

The terrorists started the attack on Tuesday at 3pm and by 3am Wednesday morning, the Elite squad had roughed them up.

It has now been revealed that they were backed up by remote controlled robots that did most of the surveillance of the building floors and pinpointed the areas the terrorists were believed to be hiding in. The elite squad was able to identify the terrorist as hiding in the 7th floor of the building.

The robot had gone to the 6th floor and managed to locate the terrorists in the 7th floor by using electronic signals.

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The commandos divided themselves into two groups of 7 members each. They then switched off power supply to the building to ensure that the lifts can’t be used and locked the door between the 6th and 7th floor.

One group then used ropes to go up the building and access the 7th floor through the window. The terrorists on seeing this, had to retaliate by opting to run out to the 6th floor, only to find the doors closed. This left the terrorists ducked in the 7th floor.

Being sure that all terrorists were holed up in the 7th floor, everyone else who had been trapped in the building between the 1st and 6th floor were set free.

Funny enough, the terrorists were communicating to some people in Kiambu and Somalia. Some of the terrorists even sent photos of their victims to some unknown people through their phones. An idea to cut-off communication at the area was proposed but this was rejected by some commanders (so as to avoid panic that would have been caused by those trapped in the building and were communicating to their loved ones).

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By 4am, a decision was arrived at to go in the 7th floor and terminate the terrorists as it was believed that they were now tired. One group of the elite commandoes moved in by holding bullet proof shields as the other group sprayed high calibre assault rifle that left the 4 terrorists dead.

The commandoes then, through their commander, reported that the mission was complete. And they allowed the other teams to walk through the building to clean up and collect any evidences needed.



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