How Cabinet Secretaries defied President Uhuru Kenyatta’s appointment of CS Matiang’i

Not long ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed CS Fred Matiang’i to a position that left him as the most powerful Cabinet Secretary, one most perceived as that of a de facto Prime Minister.

Word has it that the appointment did not go down well with some of the Cabinet Secretaries in his cabinet.

It is yesterday that President Kenyatta then came out to instruct all his Cabinet Secretaries to cooperate with CS Matiang’i and anyone who feels disgruntled should feel free to quit.

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“During today’s Cabinet meeting I reminded our Cabinet Secretaries that there are many young Kenyans who are willing and ready to work if they felt they are not up to the task. Those who’ve chosen to keep politicking instead of serving the people should be ready to give way,” Uhuru said.

It is only on 21st January when President Kenyatta re-organized his government and appointed CS Matiang’i as a supervisor to all other Cabinet Secretaries and to be in charge of development programs.

President Uhuru said that whenever he has decided on something, he never goes back, and he won’t hesitate to crack the whip on those not supporting his agenda.

DP William Ruto, just the other day, after State House meeting with the President, came out to de-touch himself from any politicians who was campaigning for his 2022 Presidential bid. Maybe, a sign that the words from the President have sank in.

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The President read out the riot act to his Cabinet Secretaries, a clear indication that he had received intelligence on mutiny towards CS Matiang’i.

It remains to be seen if DP Ruto will seize his 2022 Presidential campaigns.

On January 14, Uhuru reportedly told off Ruto about his ‘tangatanga’ travels in a closed-door meeting at State House.


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