Hessy wa Kayole warns ladies against Cheating on their Police boyfriends

Kenya top under cover police officer Hessy wa Kayole has come out to warn ladies against cheating on their police boyfriends.

Hessy through his Facebook Group “Dandora Free Crime” said that its unfortunate that most ladies try to dumb their boyfriend who have sacrificed a lot to change their lives.

Referring to the Kakamega incidence after a police officer killed his high school teacher girlfriend. The police officer said it was better for the girl to walk out of the relationship before the officer invested much in the girl.

Its alleged that the Navakholo based police officer educated the girl only for him to get dumped after the girlfriend graduated. Hessy said that no man can withstand such suffering.

“Lakini hii ujinga ya wasichana wengine hujifanya ati class sasa imepanda after graduation sasa unataka watu wa V8 na ma TX, utakula ujeuri wako. Mimi hapo sitaki kukuficha. No man can stand that nonsense from a woman leave alone police officers, hata mtu wa mjengo hawezi kubali iyo upuzi.” He posted.

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The undercover police admitted that police works in unfavorable environment and they need someone who will truly treat and love them unconditionally.

“We all understand the ethics of police work, we all know how risky it is to be a police officer, with little pay, frustrations and sometimes intimidations: for this reason, if u happen to fall in love with a police officer who then decides to transform your life into someone reasonable and responsible by taking you back to school, appreciate by loving him back, appreciate by molding a good family for him coz thats someone who truly loves you.” he added.

The police officer who shot dead his girlfriend in Kakamega county is still on the run. The woman, identified as Christine Maonga, is said to be a teacher at Navakholo Secondary School.



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