Headteacher arrested in Kisumu for defilement

A headteacher in Kombewa, Kisumu County is in police custody for allegedly defiling a 19years old girl on his premises.

According to reports, the said teacher had employed the victim as a cyber cafe attendant in one of his premises. On the fateful day the headteacher used the backdoor to access the premise before doing the heinous act.

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The victim reported the matter to the area chief Caleb Apondi, whose effort to reach out to the suspect bore no fruits. Mr. Apondi reported the matter to the police officers who moved swiftly to arrest the suspect.

“When the matter was reported to me, I called the suspect to my office to explain himself and he refused. Thereafter, I called the police and we went to his cyber cafe and arrested him as we conduct further investigations,” said chief Apondi.

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The suspect is currently in police custody at Kombewa Police Station pending investigations.



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